Feb 26, 2008

Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream.

So Tracie and I saw "Juno" this weekend. I had 2 leftover free movie tickets and we both wanted to see a movie in the theater that WASN'T a huge blockbuster. I can't remember the last time I went to the theater to see an indie film. Probably Napoleon Dynamite. So, we chose this one, as there wasn't even ONE explosion or alien in the whole movie, therefore it qualifies as a not a blockbuster. Don'tcha know.

It was a very good movie. Diablo Cody, blogger turned screenwriter (please please) won the Oscar for best original screenplay. It was her first screenplay. Way to go Diablo.
If you want to see a good movie with a few surprises, great quirky acting and dialogue that snaps crackles and even pops a few times (ok, I lied. I guess there are a few explosions) go see it.

Yes it's a movie about teenage pregnancy and yes, it's an indie movie for all that entails, but I enjoyed it and found it a great time at the movies. Think of it as a mature Napoleon Dynamite with smarter characters and more teen pregnancy. It's still a heck of a lot better than most teen sex comedies, as this one actually has consequences. i.e. she gets pregnant.
Of the performances, Jason Bateman was very good, Jennifer Garner was (surprise surprise) annoying, (when you spend that much time around Ben Affleck, I guess it kinda rubs off on you). J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney were a Hoot times twenty-two as Juno's dad and step mom. (Simmons is best known IMHO as J.Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man cash machine I mean franchise. Allison Janney is the guidance counselor in 10 things I hate about you, as well as other things.) Michael Cera deserved more screen time, and Ellen Page was terrific, she definitely deserved her Oscar nomination. (Did you know the Oscars were on Sunday? Neither did I. Looks like neither did most of America.)

"Zeus had tons of ladies but I'm pretty sure Juno was his main girl. And apparently she was supposed to be super beautiful but really mean, kind of like Diana Ross."


lynette_beckstrom said...

I've been wanting to see this. How many stars would you give it?

Austin said...

hm, 3 1/2 to 4 out of 5.

HailerStar said...

Non blockbuster? Luv, it was the sleeper hit of the season! Much to everyone's surprise I think. I thought it felt a bit like Malcolm in the Middle only with smarter writing and with women. I really was surprised. I walked away loving it. Not as much a fan of the music as my husband is but the storyline and witt of interaction were fun. (J. K. Simmons I believe was also on Crossing Jordan and the now defunk Bionic Woman). Tis unfortunate that my favorite quote of that movie is one I can't readily repeat in mixed company. *Runs away*

Jen said...

I've heard it was good and it will be added to our netflicks list. Thanks for the review.

Mandy said...

I really liked Juno too. I loved how she made a good choice to give the baby up for adoption even though it was the harder choice...definitely something that kids need to see more of. I didn't find it offensive at all..but maybe that's because we teach cemetery, I mean seminary, so I see a lot of teenagers. If you haven't heard the soundtrack, it is great. I gave it 4.5 stars for being smart and heart-warming.

Cheryl said...

K - We went and saw that tonight. Hi-lar-i-ous!
We laughed so hard. Very Witty. A couple got up and left about 15 minutes into it. It was definitely a bit crude. But irresistibly funny.

Charlo said...

yes yes, but did you know that Diablo cody was not just a blogger, but a stripper. I found that interesting.

lynette said...

Ok, so I just watched this and I really liked it except for one thing. Did Jason Bateman's character fall for Juno? Was he like crushing on her or something. If so, I didn't like that. They could have just had him unhappy in the marriage and want a divorce. But, I didn't like the way they insinuated that he was falling for Juno. What do you think?
That is my only complaint.