Feb 4, 2008

Creative Constipation

I love my English class. I really do. My teacher is smart, funny, innovative, and, as he himself would say: quirky. My only complaint thus far has been that class is over much too soon every day. I find myself watching the clock, hoping it will slow down, rather than speed up. But the darn thing never does. It must be broken or something.

However, our first major writing assignment is due Wednesday, and I'm not done. I'm clearly procrastinating by blogging/complaining about it.

What is the assignment? How nice of you to ask. I think I've said what I've been doing for homework these past few weeks. If not, I'll say it now. If so, it's a good refresher. Every class period we've had to write a narrative 1-2 pages long on a subject or an idea provided by the teacher. I have enjoyed nearly all of the assignments, as they've been things like "write about a time you were wrong." or "write about an epiphany." or "don't be afraid to be crazy." (I wasn't)

As a somewhat verbose writer, it proved somewhat difficult to write just 1 or 2 pages, I wanted to go further. This required some pruning and concision on my part, which, in the end, I feel improved the piece of writing, almost without exception.

My gripe therefore, stems from the fact that we are now expected to expound and expand 2 of our 1 page papers to 4 or 5 pages. WHAT!? I could have done that easily before, but I took out much, which like I said, made the writing stronger. Now I have to make it longer?

Hence my creative constipation.


lynette said...

In the words of my high school basketball coach, "If you can't poop, get off the pot."
I'm still not sure how that relates to basketball, but I KNOW it relates to any sort of constipation!
Good luck, buddy!

Heather said...

I hate when that happens! (as a former college student).

One thing I learned: save the original draft, and copy paste to a new blank page to rewrite it. Then you can always cut and paste more stuff back into the new document if needed.

But I think you probably figured that out already!

Thanks for the recent "father" comment!

kristyl104 said...

Oh Poop! Loved the pics. So true. Good luck with the writing. I know that you will be able to come through, you always do. Your writing never seems to be plugged up! :)