Feb 28, 2008

Holy Poll-y, Batman!

So, another week has passed past, and 2 more polls join the others in retirement. First of all, the grand winner of favoritest Super hero goes to: BATMAN!!! (with someone else tying with him-Superguy or something. But, since he is so super, he gave the honor to Batman). The grand prize winner/loser of who's the lamest super-hero not surprisingly went to: Robin. Honestly, what was Batman thinking? To look cooler, I'll have this former Michael Jackson buddy tag around after me in a speedo & tights, muttering annoying phrases like "Holy Tentacle Tuesday, Batman!" and announcing revelations I wouldn't have any difficulty figuring out, even if I was a mentally-challenged radish.

Maybe that's why Batman didn't win right out.
After Bats & Supes came Wonder Woman for 3rd, and Spider-man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Jean Grey & Green Lantern having a big boring tie of 4th.

For the weenies, like I said, Robin takes the laurels, with Daredevil coming in second. Third place was held by Rogue, Cyclops and Captain America, and last place (meaning heroes actually voted for, not the ones who got no vote. In retrospect a good thing for them) were the Thing, Ghost Rider, and Quasar.

Surprised not more people voted for Quasar. Someone even Robin could beat up. And I mean 11-year old Jason Todd Robin, not 20 something Dick Grayson who later became Nightwing, an ALMOST cool hero.

So, this week's poll will be something different. I don't know what, so stay tuned.

As if you could resist. I crack me up sometimes.

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Andrew said...

Holy Pop Culture Reference, Batman!