Feb 7, 2008

Top Ten Movies I'm Going to See in 2008

I meant to do this last month, but, since nothing's come out that I've wanted to see, (and NO Paul Walker movies...) I postponed until now.
They're not listed in want to see the most, I'll probably do that at the end. They're listed as to when they're scheduled to be released in theaters.
This is obviously what I want to see most.
But I'll talk more about him later.

Feb. 22 Be Kind, Rewind This is Jack Black and Mos Def. That on its own is enough to see it. And I don't even need Def. Jack Black on his own is more than enough for me to pay the price of admission. (Kung Fu Panda, not on this list, is not enough). What excites me the most is the premise. Jack Black accidentally erases all the videos at a video store, and, to make a little old lady happy, he and Def remake all the movies themselves. Basically an excuse for Jack Black to make us laugh, and I can't wait.

Feb. 29 Penelope This is a Christina Ricci movie with Reese Witherspoon and the weird-looking but apparently well-acting James McAvoy. Ricci plays a European princess in modern times with a fairy-tale time problem. She was cursed with the nose of a pig. To me, it sounds charming, I love fairy-tales and really love fairy-tales with a twist. Plus, Catherine O'Hara plays Penelope's mother. The only thing that makes me wary is the movie was finished in 2006, but only being released now. Maybe they wanted to wait for a leap year.

Mar. 14 Horton Hears a Who Jim Carrey as Horton aside, I don't know if I want to see this in theaters, but it's based on my favorite Dr. Seuss story, so I felt a bit obliged (or obligated, whichever is less grammatically correct) to include it for the sake of my childhood. I predict it will be as delightful as the Dr. Seuss book itself, despite the fact that the smallest Who of all looks a bit too Emo, (and, just so we're clear, any Emo is too Emo) and it will be too long. But, I'll definitely rent it if I don't shell out to watch a computer generated elephant and Who's in Who-ville on the big-screen. (I always wondered, if on that speck are the Who's in Who-ville, where's the Grinch? I thought he lived just North of Who-ville?)

April is a barren month for me, which is a bit sad, as it has my and Tracie's birthdays. When the most promising films are a Harold & Kumar movie or a Rob Schneider movie, I think I'll spend my 26th birthday away from the theaters. May makes up for it, though.

May. 2 Iron Man Super hero movies are always good. (At least, lately they've been. I'm ignoring Hulk and Dare Devil, as you should too. And I won't even mention Ghost Rider. shudder.) But this is one I've waited for. Only one movie do I want to see more. (IJ4) The trailer itself amazes and makes even non-fans of Iron Man excited to see the movie. I'm also more than excited to see Downey Jr. in the role of Tony Stark.

May. 19 Prince Caspian Who is not excited about this movie? The fantasy/allegory of C.S. Lewis with the budget of Walt Disney! Even if I hadn't seen the trailer, I'd still be dying to see it. My feelings of the casting for Caspian are somewhat dubious, mainly because I always pictured him younger. But, young and cute doesn't sell as many tickets as older and smoldering. And, as long as it's not Hayden Christensen, I'm as happy as Mr. Beaver when he finds out Aslan's back.

May. 23 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Bah bah buh buh, ba ba baaaaa, ba ba buh BUH! bah buh buh buh buh! Not since the new Star Wars have I been this excited to see a movie. And, like the new Star Wars, do I not really care how good it's going to be, I already love this movie. (Spielberg's directing it, and Hayden Christensen isn't in it. How bad can it be? Not too bad, unless Indy meets Jar Jar Binks...) But Shia LeBouf and Cate Blanchett are in it, who, similar to Jack Black, I would pay to see their performance in anything. Even if the movie they're in isn't that good, their performance makes up for it. And come on! Who else is going to play Indiana Jones?! Even if he is 98 or whatever. He drank from the Grail. That oughta give him enough juice to kick Nazi (or what I hear, Commie) butt one more time. The only downside is there's no Sean Connery. But, Harrison Ford's old enough.

Jun. 13 Incredible Hulk Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. That's enough to pay for the atrocity of the first Hulk movie, and most of the old TV show as well. Count me in.

Jun. 20 Get Smart Steve Carrell is hilarious. Maxwell Smart is uber-hilarious. I'll be there, even if I have a lump on my head the size of a golf ball.

July 4 Hancock Will Smith stars as a (do I need to finish? Will Smith! Come on! Wild Wild West was forever ago! I forgave him! You should too!) super-hero hated by the public. Jason Bateman is his Public Relations Manager trying to make him famous again. Will Smith without superpowers can save the world. With them, well, just watch.

July 18 Dark Knight So we're clear, Batman is my favorite Superhero. The fact that he has no superpowers make him the coolest. So we're more clear, Christian Bale is my favorite Batman, and Batman Begins is my favorite Batman movie. Even though this is Heath Ledger's last performance, if the movie is half as good as the first, I will be the happiest boy in the world, and will forgive Christian Bale once and for all for Newsies.

Wow, I didn't realize that's 10 movies. I'll call it my Top Ten for '08. The order I want to see them as follows: (10 being least, 1 being most.)

10. Horton Hears a Who
9. Be Kind, Rewind
8. Hancock
7. Get Smart
6. Penelope
5. Prince Caspian
4. Incredible Hulk
3. Iron Man
2. The Dark Knight
1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


lynette said...

Thanks for sharing! It's fun to see trailers for movies that probably won't come here! :(

Heather said...

HEY! I loved Christian Bale in Newsies.

Loved that movie!

Also looking forward to Batman and Indiana Jones. The rest-huh?

patrick said...

Dr. Seuss is classic; after seeing Horton Hears a Who i was reminded how much that guy can pack into a simple storyline... they didn't add much to the original story either except for the usual Jim Carreyisms.