Jan 10, 2008

Day of Celebration!

I love January 10th. Because it's my parents Anniversary, and my sister-in law Lynette's Birthday! This way, if I remember one, I remember the other and I get brownie points! (unfortunately, if I forget, I lose points.)

Well, happy birthday Sugie! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Not that many famous people I've heard of or admire or respect were born this day. I guess it's just so special already that those stuck up celebrities couldn't handle the great things that already happened on this day! C-3PO and R2-D2 wish you many happy returns as well.


Anonymous said...

You are hereby awarded 25 brownie-points! thank you...love, Mom

lynette said...

You are the best brother-in-law ever! Thanks for the b-day shout-out!

I award you 25 brownie points too!

Heather said...

Hey, doesn't Cade get brownie points too?

He had brownies served at his party!

Jan is my least favorite month except for Cade's birthday.

Austin said...

Only cuz he's cute!

I wasn't talking about January, but January 10th!