Jan 6, 2008

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.

With the end of my first poll a success, I thought I'd write up a quick entry before the official one, on Wednesday.

After much controversy, dimpled chads, and all kinds of crazy Floridians, I have come to the conclusion that YES, I will start posting polls on my blog. 8 of you said yes, and one of you is getting their eyebrows waxed. Let me know how that goes.

Scroll down to the bottom to vote on the new poll. I'll be doing it every week. Or so.

*By the way, I made it so you can select as many as you like. enjoy


Heather said...

Smallville! Smallville! Smallville! Smallville! Smallvile!........(chanting)

lynette said...

I'm confused... how does Smallville relate to this post (why the picture?)?

kristyl104 said...

Where did you get that picture of Smallville? I want it.

Austin said...

well, Smallville annoys me. therefore it relates to the quote. and no one commented on what the flying squirrel or groucho marx had to do with the last 2 posts, so i was seeing how much randomness i could get away with.

Kris, I just typed "Smallville" in Google search, it was the first one I pulled up!


i hate repeating myself. don't you? nice pucture. and thanks for being the kind of guy that is kind enough to listen to my excitements.

Austin said...

not that you gave me a choice, but happy to share in any and everyone's excitement and sorrow. preferably excitement.