Jan 23, 2008

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

I've gotta get off my butt and do something new & exciting or at least noteworthy so I can blog about it!

This week has been like most other weeks. We've been eating healthily, working out, not losing as much weight (probably because we still spend a lot of our time on our respective derrières, working, and watching TV). I've been in school, Tracie celebrates the fact that she's not in school. Utah's cold. Our heating bill is up, and the world keeps turning. (From what I can tell).

Here are the bits that make this week, well, this week.

Tracie and I have renewed interest and effort in our story. No, not the Tracie and Austin Story. The fantasy we've been playing around with and working on for, gosh, over a year now.
It still has lots of groundwork to be laid before we get started, but the world it takes place in, and the story itself, is beginning to take a clearer shape. It's still in its very rough stages, so I won't say much about it. What I will say is, it's about a world dominated by dragons, good and evil, and the people's attempt to overthrow their masters and choose for themselves. And we're very excited about it. My poor novel is on the back burner, currently. Not a bad place to be, but that's where it is. We've also decided to work on our story (hopefully one day a trilogy, a best seller, and blockbuster movie. But we're trying not to get our hopes up. Wise, especially when the story has yet to be written, or even plotted out).

We spent time with family, of course. Although Tracie's parents are busy, we got to see them (never enough for Tracie) some. We went to Justin Harris's Birthday, (Happy Birthday, Justin) and got to eat some great cake & brownies. And wish Justin well.
We also went down to Spanish Fork to see my Uncle Jim's family again. It does my heart well to see some of my close kin here in Utah, as I haven't seen my family in over a year. But we're going out in February, and my Mother is also coming down in March! Yipee!

We got a new bed pad, I kept wetting the old one, no. That's awful. A few months ago when we house sat for Alan & Kris we slept in their bed with one of those really comfy mattress pads. Our bed has been pathetic ever since. So Kris took Tracie to CostCo, where we got a new mattress pad! It's still unflattening/inflating/doing whatever a mattress pad does, so we're hoping to use it tonight! Tracie also got what looks like a lifetime supply of spinach and oranges, but they were like $2, so I'm not complaining.

In final news, my English Teacher took me aside after class today, and told me I only have 13 minutes left to live. No, he told me he really enjoyed my writing, that it was very good and it's a pleasure to have me in the class.
I thanked him, and told him about my secret weapon: being married to an editor. An EXCELLENT editor. (A sexy editor, but I chose not to disclose that nugget of truth).
So, that was a great boost for my ego, as I really enjoy and look up to this teacher.

Btw, new poll at the bottom. As I said last week, what someone would do for a Klondike Bar says a lot about them. Apparently, of the people that view this blog, none of you would cluck like a chicken, but one would moo like a cow (do we have to say "moo like a cow?" What else would you moo like? And don't say your mother, Sean Connery.) One of you said you'd do whatever it takes, thankfully none of you said you'd kill a person. Two of you said you'd watch American Idol, and FOUR of you said you'd kill someone on American Idol, namely, Sanjaya. I wonder if you'd do this strictly for the Klondike Bar, or was the Klondike Bar a mere afterthought?
But, as I so often do, I digress.

So, if what you'd do for a Klondike Bar says a lot about you, what says the MOST about you? That's what I intend to find out!

Until next week!~
Or until I update again. Whatever.


lynette said...

I love you dearly! Your posts are so funny and they make my day... POST MORE!!

Heather said...

Thanks for the funny tidbits. They made my day.

Me and the kids are sick today, stuck in the house with nothing to do.

Thanks for giving me something to do.

Austin said...

Anytime. :)

Hope you all feel better soon.