Jan 30, 2008

The Polls are In

I asked "What tells the most about a person?" You voted. The vote is over, the polls are in. McCain wins! What? Dang it! I'll go into more detail on that in my real post for today, which I'm writing now.

Well, 9 of you voted. No one agreed with Forrest Gump that their shoes tell the most about a person. No one thought that hands or car tell the most. (Which surprised me. I think hands are VERY good at telling about a person. Their occupation, hobby, wealth status, and even mood can be derived from hands.) One of you thought asking someone "tell me a lot about yourself" is the best way to tell. Two each thought blog and friends. (I agree with the friends people). But, the winner by popular vote, 44% was the eyes. For me, eyes are third. But, that's why YOU voted, and I am telling you my opinion now.

Thanks again for voting. I'll put a new poll at the bottom when I decide what it'll be about. Stay tuned.

I decided. Go vote. :D

It's on the left now. If you didn't notice :)

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