Jan 29, 2008

The Smell of Syrup

For the last few days, my work has smelled like syrup. I'd grown used to it, until yesterday, when Tracie noticed the smell of it on me. I couldn't get rid of it. When I came in to work today, several of my friends at work have the same predicament.

We all had theories as to where the syrup smell came from. Some said it's from somewhere else in the building, and it's filtering through the ventilation system, some said it's our boss, who has an obsession with pancakes. Some others think that someone in the company is having an affair with Mrs. Buttersworth.

I myself think that someone is wearing a new syrup-scented cologne to attract fat chicks.


lynette said...

Hey, not all fat chicks like syrup, okay!
And, our old Kia smelled like syrup when we turned on the heater-weird!

Austin said...

How would YOU know if all fat chicks like syrup?
Dear sister, you are not fat.

Also, the cologne is made to attract SINGLE fat chicks. So, even though you don't qualify for the fat part, you definitely don't pass for single, either. :D

Heather said...

(choking on toast)

and now THAT was funny!!