Jan 16, 2008

The Tube, the Polls, Pseudo-Vegetarianism, and the Panda Mafia

No, I don't mean the You Tube, the Water Tube, the Breathing Tube, the Toothpaste Tube, or other kinds of tubes. I mean the Tube Tube. The TV. Television. As Homer Simpson said, "Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover!" though it's not really a secret my feelings for the Television.
It's my Achilles Heel. Except, lots of things are my Achilles Heel. And, I'm not really that Achilles-like.
So, anyway, this week has been rather uneventful. Tracie and I have plopped ourselves on our overly comfy couch, and enjoyed a lot of our Christmas presents. These presents have been DVDs.
I won't bore you too much with details, (not like I'm boring you now, much more boring details, I assure you) but I will say we've watched Animaniacs Season 1, Lois & Clark Season 4, Lord of the Rings- The Return of The King- Extended Edition, and one full DVD of Appendices. (Yeah, that's the proper spelling) Among other things.
On a positive note, thanks to Tracie's brilliance (coupled with my laziness) we've started working out while we watch an episode of something, so we get exercise but it doesn't get in the way of our TV watching. Genius or what?

New Poll: Votes are in, resolutions are as follows:
Of the 12 voters that showed up, most voted Republican, (big surprise).
9 of you wanted to lose weight (let me know how that goes), 9 of you wanted to be more religious (with 3 of you confessing you checked that box because you felt guilty if you didn't. I confess I would have checked that box too, if I didn't have the high moral code that I do to not vote on my own polls.), 2 of you said it's to spend more time with family and/or loved ones, 2 of you also said you were celebrating the fact that you haven't been arrested yet. (I wonder if it's the same 2 people that want to spend more time with loved ones...) And there was 1 vote each for something never done before, and something dangerous- like voting democratic. And 1 vote for making less resolutions and more goals. Let me know how that goes, when you're changing history, and the rest of us are still trying to lose the weight we inflicted on ourselves at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Check out the new poll at the bottom. It's been said that you can learn a lot about a person by what they'd do for a Klondike Bar.

Also, this week has been the week of eating healthy. Super healthy. We've had shish kebabs, risotto, wilted spinach, margherita pizza, lots of salad, couscous, southwest sweet potatoes (don't knock it til you tried it. Deeeeelicious), hummus and cucumber pita wraps, and other stuff with no meat. (Albeit the kebabs had a little) I've told several people jokingly we're experimenting being vegetarian. I don't think it's going to work out. If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat. -John Cleese (I think)

Follow Up: We FINALLY got some fresh basil at the store. I bought 2 bunches.

Other than TV and eating healthy, this week has been rather uneventful. School is still good, work is getting better and better.

Sidenote- Our team at work hit our goal of getting 160 transfers, so our boss bought us Panda Express for lunch. (Not as healthy as lately, no. But I deserved it.) My fortune cookie looked like it came from the Mafia.
It read: "Your Loyalties will be rewarded."

Final note: Not that you care, but I added a counter on my blog. It counts how many hits I get, and measures how insecure I am. With apples.


Andrew said...

Vote: Other.

Pay the buck-thirty-nine.

lynette said...

Your posts always make me laugh... and miss you!

Heather said...

I have never thought that Tracie would be a great cook....

Most of your posts pay homage to her cooking!

Send some of her recipes my way!

Charlo said...

you need to enable multiple answers on your poll. there were several I would have chosen. I would have been the first to cluck like a chicken too.

But, I chose watch american idol...

which doesn't tell you much about me unless you know whether or not I like american idol.