Jan 14, 2008


some of you may be wondering what's up with my posts lately. They've been pretty random and uninteresting.

To make it up to you, I'm going to post completely about myself.

So, on facebook, I found this application called Superheroes. It randomly generates for you a superpower (mine is Magnetism, hence the name Polarito) and lets you fight other heroes or villains. I am of course a supervillain, though I'm only the rank of henchman, currently.

It wouldn't be so fun, but all the super powers you manifest while not inherently funny, the way you use them is. Also, the descriptions are pretty funny also. For example, the precognition power has the ability to drive your opponent crazy by finishing all their sentences, or my Magnetism power lets me unscrew someone's chair so it'll collapse, or I can drop an ocean liner on them.
I've only been playing a few days, but I've stolen 4 powers from others. And you thought I was wasting my time!

Here are my 5 abilities, how the game describes them, and some facts about Polarito:


Anything made of metal, you own. Bend steel sheets like paper, stop bullets in their tracks, or just disrupt cellphone conversations... you have the power


Freeze your enemies- lock them in blocks of ice or make the ground impassable. Or perhaps just make their noses run.

Rubber Body

Stretch any part of your body up to 20 times its length, bend around any object...nothing's beyond your reach! (No, really, any part)


With the ability to pierce the veil of time and discover future events, you must now choose between altering the destiny of mankind... or winning big on the Superbowl


While everybody else is decking the halls with boughs of holly, you use Christmas decorations to attack and maim people. In the spirit of Christmas.

ORIGIN: Had cancer, so they gave him an experimental SUPER MAGNETIC LEG!!!! Polarito uses it for whatever he feels like.

MOTIVATION: Greed, dominance, and the Polarito way.

ARCH-NEMESIS: the Champion of Freedom, Ice Girl! (Tracie)

I forgot to mention Bauble's best power: Electrocuting enemies with Christmas tree lights!
As Tracie would say, telling you all this probably earned me several geek points.

that's about it for now! Stay tuned for Wednesday. Nothing interesting has happened lately, but I'm bound to post something!


lynette said...

Scary picture! When I read the title, I thought your post was about Polaroids or something. This was much more entertaining.

kristyl104 said...

Austin, you never cease to amaze me!