Jan 8, 2008

My Band

Don't get too used to me posting so often. Just enjoy it while you get it. ;)

I did the random band generator on ammon's blog (www.ammon.tumblr.com)

My band is called "Minsky's Burlesque"
our first album is: "Gratification of Receiving Them."
Here's our cover:
Now the only question is: "What kind of Music do we play?"


Charlo said...

The kind Dita Von Teese would dance too, by the sound of it.

Tracie said...

Looks like girly pop to me. :)

Austin said...

No, no, NO! Why do you gotta ruin the game?

It's eclectic, alternative punk with a unique electrical sound. and, backwards.

Andrew said...

Here's the link to my cover,
here's the title,
and here's the name,

Psychological Punishment's first work is Get Out Of It, and, as I put in the subtitle, is most likely a compilation of crap (experimental punk probably).

Heather said...

A Spoonful of Sugar and Let's Go Fly a Kite