May 21, 2008

The Chase

No, this isn’t the Austin & Tracie Tale, that’s next. Tracie reminded me of a funny adventure we had last night. As you may know, my wife is sexy, and I like that. This will come into play later. (this post is rated PG, don’t worry.)

After watching American Idol the battle of the 2 Davids, the overrated one and the amazing one, we went to our car and decided to go on a quick walk around the neighborhood, as we hadn’t gone on one the day before. Tracie started walking, and I (as I usually do) admired the way she walked and so planned to goose her. Well, for some reason, silly Tracie decided she didn’t want to be goosed, so she jogged ahead a little bit. Like the predator I am, I became entranced with the chase, and ran/hobbled after her. But every time I got close she’d take off again. This continued for some time.

Well, less than a block later we both were very tired, (we’re not in the best of shape. Hence why we went walking) but she still wouldn’t let me goose her. I know, right? Not very charitable. So I kept chasing her, even though my body was screaming at me “What the heck? You haven’t used me in months, now you expect me to catch Tracie?!? She’s like a gazelle!! A very sexy gazelle!” but the hunter in me was like “look at that babe! I got to get me some of that!” and made grunting noises like Tim Allen on Home Improvement.

We continued the chase, Tracie cackling with glee as I hunted her, I felt like we were on a playground, boy chasing girl. (Only I knew what I was going to do once I caught her, unlike in elementary.) Well, right before my body gave up, Tracie did, and I came up to her and gave her a big hug, a few squeezes, and said, in my best Westley voice, “There, was that so terrible?”

Then my body embarrassingly said, “YES!”


Kris said...

Girls love being chased by the men they love. If they say they don't. They're lying. Love it.

Charlo said...

1. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret that last line.

2. I'm pretty sure grunting like tim allen while chasing a girl is considered sexual harassment in most states.

JanB said...

I read that one to Grandma. We both had a good laugh!