May 26, 2008

Rhapsody in Blue

** I flipped this, because it was taken on our Photobooth which flips everything. So the final picture is now the right way. :)**

Here's my Art History Project on Rhythm. I selected "Rhapsody in Blue," by George Gershwin, to do, as I think it's one of the best and most beautiful music pieces of last century, or ever. below it are it in progress, and some preliminary sketches. I'm off to Vegas!
I promise next time I won't show every step on the way. Think of this as a lesson on the process of an artist! So, what do you think? reminds me a bit of "Starry Night"!


Jen said...

Love it, of course my favorite color is blue and I love this piece of music! Godd job :O)

Charlo said...

um. your blog has a link that takes you to your blog...

Heather said...

this is a really cool art project. I liked seeing all the stages of it. I think you are talented at art just like at writing

Infact both you and Tracie are so talented: academically, writing, art, and music.

Your kids are just absorb and learn from you both, and just SHINE at everything they do.