May 6, 2008


What sounds like a frog burping? BL-OOOG! That was lame. Lame-o. I never know how to start these things. (Maybe Ribburp would’ve been funnier. Well, we’ll never know). My life is good, great, wonderful, happy, and miserable, disappointing, and painful. Like everyone else’s. But, I’m choosing to look at the good, half-full bright side. At least for now.

I had my first week of classes, meaning 2D Design in Spanish Fork High School, and Biology at UVSC on Saturday. 2D Design, being in a High School, aptly feels like high school. I don’t like it. The teacher seems not too friendly, or good. (He seems like a good artist, but a good artist doesn’t make a good teacher.) and we have to do collages, and I hate collages. They’re too much work and never turn out the way you want. But, by choosing to look on the bright side, I only have to take it for 2 months, and I know NEVER to take a class at SFHS again. My condolences to any family or otherwise friends who went there for High School. And, while I’m not sure he reads it, and while it may be inappropriate, Justin (Spag), I can see why you dropped out of high school there.

My American Civilization class was cancelled, so I hopped in a Biology class. It will be hard, but the teacher is nice (she reminds me of my high school science teachers) and once again, it’s over in 2 1⁄2 months.

Bad news is I’ll miss some class on our trip to Las Vegas. Both teachers are stressing attendance (obviously, with 2 1⁄2 months, it’s important to attend) but we really need to go on our vacation, and I’ve already made some friends in class, so I’ll make them take notes for me.

All in all, this probably won’t be a fun summer school or vacation wise, (summer became kind of crappy once I stopped having it off. Go fig.) but at least I have my health, happiness, and Tracie.

Tracie got Lost Season 3 for her birthday, and we’ve been watching it. Not as maniacally as before (we watched 8 hours straight of season 2) but enough to safely say we’re obsessed, and in awe at how good a show is.

I finished my Meditation for Dummies book (finally) and paid the library fine (finally) on all the books I’d had overdue ($7.20, quite a bit when you realize it’s ten cents a day per book.) The book was very very good, one of the better books I’ve read, and it makes me want to read more “for Dummies” books.

I’ve had a lot of daily goals lately, and I haven’t been doing too well at them. In March, I got the idea to start a photoblog, or Phlog, just taking a picture of myself on photobooth once a day. Lately I’ve forgotten 3 days this last week, and I’m questioning why I’m doing it. I didn’t allow access to it, 1) cuz it was just a dumb personal goal, and 2) because I don’t think anyone wants/needs to see all these pictures of me. I mean I’m cute, but I’m not vain. Well, not THAT vain. So that’s daily goal #1.

Reading a book on Meditation, you start meditating. Let me say that again. Reading a good book on meditation, it makes you want to start meditating. Which I’ve been doing, but again, lately I’ve been somewhat lax. When I meditate, it REALLY helps my stress, focus, creativity and energy. I just haven’t been doing it as much. Daily goal #2.

Tracie and I have started walking. The weather FINALLY seems to be improving, and we enjoy the outdoors as well as the exercise. Yet, we’ve shirked, and only done it every other day, if that, for awhile. Daily goal #3.

After returning all our old books to the library (only 1 was overdue this time, 1984) I got a bunch of writing books. One, the Artist’s Way, recommended to my by my Uncle Jim and by the Meditation for Dummies book, suggests/instructs you to write 3 pages a day. Of whatever. So, I started that today. I only wrote 2 pages, but they were college ruled, and I decided to blog today, as my blog entries are usually at least a page. Daily goal #4.

I’m doing so well at setting daily goals (I keep writing daily ‘goats’. Coincidence? I hope so) that I’m going to start Daily goal #5. Reading my scriptures.

I think one reason/the main reason I’m having trouble keeping these daily goals is I don’t have a great schedule. We watch American Idol some nights, I have class other nights, I go to work at different times, (well, not anymore, but you don’t know that) and other things. But here’s how I see it. Daily goal #1- Phlog. 1-2 minutes. Daily goal #2: meditate. 10-15 minutes. Daily goal #3 walk- 30-40 minutes. Daily goal #4- write. I do that at work, so it doesn’t take any of my free time. (We’re allowed to read and write and do homework at work.) Daily goal #5- read the Scriptures. 10-15 minutes. So that means 51 minutes to 1 hr. 12 minutes. I’ll start doing all that when I get home (minus the walk) and then I’ll walk with Tracie. I can do that, right?

I’m doing my best. And while I’m not getting every day like I should/want to, I’m still TRYING to make my goals, which makes me happy, and as long as I’m trying, I’m moving, and that’s good. Like Michael Caine said: “Be like a duck. Be calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.”

I love ducks. So noble and yet so silly. Like people.


Mandy said...

I love the "be like a duck" quote, I am definitely going to have to apply that one! I am impressed with your goals, I usually have forgotten my new years resolutions by this point in the year! Way to go!

Kris said...

Goals are good! Important thing is to at least try to work on your goals. And I know that you will try!

Loved the duck quote. I try to be like that. But then sometimes I loose me feathers!

Austin said...

I have to rescind (I think that's the right word) on what I said about my 2D Design teacher. He's very nice, funny and talented. Maybe he's just not good at beginning a semester, or was having a crap sandwich day last week.

Or, maybe this last class was the fluke. ... well, time will tell.

Jasmine said...

Hey, I went to SFHS for my senior year. It wasn't that bad....ok, so it actually may have been - those buildings are confusing! And it's kinda ghetto.

Good luck on the daily goals!

Heather said...


He's finally back!

After usually posting a funny post 2 or 3 times a week, and then I don't hear from you for 7 days, I have to wonder...

Maybe you were actually a duck for a few days. Who can post an entry with webbed feet.

Well, you still have lots and LOTS of free time! You lucky, lucky ducky!