May 14, 2008

Epic Struggle... to write

I’ve written 22 pages in my writing journal I started. I have 2 more pages to write today, but I thought I’d just blog them. The writing journal so far has been fun, I didn’t write on the weekend, but I wrote every day last week, yesterday and today. (I also wrote 6 pages yesterday, so that makes up for it a little.) So far I’ve just written stories I have no interest in publishing, editing or letting anyone read, except I got one good idea that I’m going to turn into a story someday. I’ve meditated about every day, read at least a few verses of scriptures and haven’t gone on a walk with Tracie for about a week. So, 3⁄4 goals are going well. We’ll get back on that walking one soon, I hope.

School is going well. My collage was well-received, Biology, though early on Saturday, is fun, and is now 1⁄4 over, can’t argue with that!

Work is a roller-coaster. I’ve been enjoying myself more lately, as well as making a bit more money than usual, so that helps as well.

I guess that’s about all I have to say. Well that was a crappy blog entry. This won’t even count as 1⁄2 a page for the goal!

We finished watching Lost Season 3, and started watching Arrested Development Season 2. Quite a bit of a leap, there. We’re also watching the countdown to American Idol’s finale. Wheee! I’m also excited, as we ordered 3 of the CD’s I wanted, (BNL, Degraw, Mraz) that just came out, so my life will have a new soundtrack to accompany its awesomeness. Yup, digging at the bottom of the barrel here. I know I’ve asked in the past, but give me suggestions/requests on what you’d like me to write about! Who knows? I may actually listen! Exciting, I know!

Tracie is always getting after me for writing a blog entry when I have nothing to say, pointing out that I have nothing to say, then having a big huge entry anyway. Yeah, I’m awful. But she loves me.

Well, this didn’t get me very far. Guess I better get back to my story I’m writing in my journal.


HailerStar said...

The problem is that your nothing is always-in the very least- entertaining! And I mean that!

Heather said...

Amen to the first comment.

Also be bugging Tracie as she is hardly posting anything lately!! Is she still alive? I can't take your word for it alone!!

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I think you should write your version of the Tracie and Austin Saga. Tracie started (and hasn't finished- ahem ahem!!) a wonderful account of your story, but I find that couples always seem to have different ideas of how things happened and it is always fun to hear the different feelings and thoughts that each party has. The little discrepencies are always the funnest part!!

Austin said...

Thanks heather & heather. And Amanda, that's a great idea (both my perspective, and tracie finishing her version) i'll start working on that.

Kris said...

Amen, to all of it!