May 11, 2008


Creativeness of the title aside, I just have to say that Tracie & I saw Iron Man, and it was AWESOME!! Kudos to Jon Favreau, the director, for turning a cool super hero into an awesome one. His biggest movie before this was "Elf", and while I liked that movie, I was skeptical at his ability to handle a superhero movie. All that skepticism is GONE. Robert Downey Jr. was perfect, Terence Howard was a bit of a weenie for Jim Rhodes, but he made a great foil for Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, the best choice for a superhero since Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Gwyneth Paltrow did an excellent job as Virginia "Pepper" Potts, Tony Stark's personal assistant. I was hesitant with her as a super hero's girlfriend, a blonde playing a redhead, (Kirsten Dunst, anyone? No? I didn't think so) but, it seems Gwyneth always pulls out a stellar performance, whenever she gets off her butt raising Apple, Moses, and thinking up the stupidest baby names. I heard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were going to name their next babies Booger and Tutti-Frutti, just to beat Paltrow and her cat sounding husband (the Coldplay singer. He sounds like a cat, and that's not a compliment) at their own game. But, I digress.

Awesome story, awesome effects, fantastic acting, super suspenseful and hilarious, from nail-biting to belly laughing in the same breath. The promise for a sequel is exciting and makes you look forward to it, (Downey Jr., Paltrow and Howard all signed 3 picture deals), instead of groaning and rolling your eyes like in other superhero movies that beg "please pick us up for another go around! We won't kill anyone next time, we swear!" (I am of course talking about X-3.

If you had any doubts, give Iron Man a try. You'll be glad you did.

On a fun note, we ran into Jessica, our sister-in-law, at the theater, buying tickets for later. Tempted to postpone our movie going experience to go with them, I'm glad we didn't, because we ended up sitting with Tracie's parents who took their Utah grandsons to the movie! Yeah! It made a fun movie even more fun to have Mason & Preston alternate sitting on my lap, with Tyson giving me his commentary sitting next to me.


lynette said...

We saw this and thought it was great too! I had the song, "Ironman" running through my head all night!

JanB said...

Great review!
We've got to go see that.

Heather said...

It is so funny how family still run into each other anyway!

Kris said...

It was a great movie. Loved it! It was super funny running into each other like that. What even funnier is this--you and Tracie sat with us, Trent and Jessica bought tickets to watch Iron man later and ran into you guys doing that, Tyler and Cheryl went to it in the evening because they were free for a date, and Taylor and his friends watched it that evening. Guess we should have all just hooked up and went all together.

Austin said...

I know, Kris! We can't get away from our family even if we tried! (Not that we'd ever try!)