Mar 19, 2008

Austin's Top 11

Yes, I am hopelessly addicted to American Idol. It's my crack. I believe this is one of the strongest season of semi finalists, even from the top 24. (For the most part). The top 11 are all outstanding, and I'll be sad for whoever leaves tonight.

Also, they've sung Beatles songs these past two weeks. I haven't heard yesterday's songs yet, (my loving and generous in-laws TiVo it for us, since we don't have any basic channels, and also because that way we can fast forward through the hours of commercials) but, almost without exception*, I thought they all did a great or at least good job interpreting songs by the most influential (and great) band of last century. (*the exceptions would be the Cooks).

Though I think they're all very good, I still have favorites, of course. Here's my list of favorites of the Final 11 of Season 7. My 7-11. (Listed from favoritest/bestest to leastest favoritest/worstest)

David Archuleta
Carly Smithson
Syesha Mercado
Brooke White
Chikezie Eze
Jason Castro
Amanda Overmyer
Ramiele Malubay
Michael Johns
David Cook
Kristy Lee Cook

Why did I put them in this order you ask? Well, ok, I'll tell you. (From least to fave)

Kristy Lee Cook- despite having the same first and middle name as my mother-in-law, that's about all she has going for her. After her ridiculous hooten-nanny take on 8 Days a Week last week, I think she'll need something stupendous to save her butt. Unfortunately for her butt and her fans, I don't think she's got stupendous in her.

David Cook- He might be good, if there already weren't 700 other singers already making records that sound like him, but are better. Best of luck to him when he gets voted off and joins a tribute band to Nickelback.

Michael Johns- I loved Michael once. He was like an Australian Jim Morrison. Then Hollywood week was over. And I'm sorry, but he hasn't brought it since. Maybe he thinks he can rely on his good looks and ok voice, but he needs to show again what he can do. I really think he's capable of greatness-even winning (or better, taking second/third). But he needs to deliver and show America what he can do. I ranked him 9th because of the disappointment he has been lately. Do better, Michael.

Ramiele Malubay- Despite having a last name that sounds like a mispronunciation of a Las Vegas casino, I also used to really like Ramiele. But lately, again, she has been too safe, boring, and predictable. And, please, STOP POUTING when the judges give you criticism. I'm sure it was cute when you were four. But it's not anymore.

Amanda Overmyer- Against my will I like Amanda. She has more energy than anyone else on the show, everyone else combined, if you took out Chikezie. Though her voice is just not my cup of tea, I hope she stays for a while, if for no other reason than she can help the other vocalists as a foil. But please, change your hair. It looks like you're always wearing a hoodie.

Jason Castro- Number 6 on my list, Jason is comfortably in the middle. Again, I like him against my will. Tracie called him a stoner's Jack Johnson and John Mayer. Even though I personally believe he's been high once or twice while performing (smoking something most likely supplied to him courtesy of Paula Abdul), it must work, because he's in the triumvirate of my 3 favorite guys this year. (In American Idol. My 3 favorite guys of all time are still Freddy Mercury, Paul McCartney, and Steven Page. ;))

Chikezie Eze- I am so glad he didn't leave at the beginning, because he has just gotten better and better every week. The only reason I don't rank him higher is I like the 4 others above him more. Such a fun personality and performer, I hope he's around for longer, he's probably the one more than any other of the top 11 I'd like to meet, and would pay to see him in concert.

Brooke White- The Crassus of the female triumvirate, Brooke also gets better and better. Though I don't love her voice like I love Syesha's and Carly's, and I want her to NOT play the piano or guitar once, I hope Brooke stays around for a long time, because she appears to be the heart of the show, and a show needs a heart. Or else it's dead. Plus she's LDS, and I love Mormons!

Syesha Mercado- Number 3. Syesha was among my favorites ever since Hollywood week, where she was sick as the devil but still sang like an angel. Syesha is probably the most talented female, and she better stick around, just so we can hear her voice.

Carly Smithson- Hail to the queen. Though I'm not sure she deserves being an AMERICAN Idol, since she's from Ireland and only lived here a relatively short time, her singing silences my protests, and her performing earns her the penultimate position. (Nice alliteration, Austin. Thanks, me.) I don't hope Carly will be around for awhile. I know it.

David Archuleta- Almost against my will I love David. The only way he'd be cuter is if he was stuffed and dipped in candy gummi bears. (Or decapitated and hung on Paula's rear view mirror). I think every performance he's done has been phenomenal, my only complaints are that the songs are always too short, and I want him to sing something more upbeat (while not forgetting the words). Thanks to his talent and the fact that there are so many teenage girls that watch the show, David Archuleta could very well be the next... American Idol.


Erin said...

I, too, watch American Idol with an embarrassing addiction. While every season I do have to take a big breath realizing how much tv consumption every season is and how much energy it is to watch every episode, I still don't ever miss any. I think this is a good season as well, however, I was surprised at how many of those people were like, "I don't really know these songs" or "I am not really a fan of this kind of music". Are ya kidding me? It's the Beatles!! Doesn't everyone go through a huge Beatles phase? I know I sure did.

Mandy said...

Do you think you are more addicted to LOST or to American Idol? I am a big Brooke fan only because she is a breath of fresh air, this show needed something different. Although that short teenage heart-throb guy is pretty dang adorable. However, now that Dancing with the Stars is back I may be abandoning Idol....I only have room for so much reality TV in my life.

Austin said...

American Idol, but that's just because I've only seen 2 Seasons of LOST. I've never seen dancing with the stars, is it that good?

lynette said...

My pick is David Archuleta, but I hated Amanda Overmyer (thank goodness she's gone) and I don't get all the hub-bub over Carly Smithson. The only thing good she has going for her is her name! :)

Charlo said...

yup. Never watch it.

but I did see two people sing a beetles song.someone sang black bird... ok... and Seyesha sang I can't remember which song with a guitarist. absolutely amazing.