Mar 24, 2008

Weekend Whirlwind

Whew! What a weekend! Last weekend was so bland, I guess the gods of the week (that would be the norse gods) decided to make this weekend crazy awesome busy. (that would be the hindu gods)

Friday after work Tracie and I went to my new favorite restaurant, Las Tarascas, they advertise that their mexican food is 110% Authentic, and they've won best Mexican food in the state 2 years in a row. Unfortunately, Tracie doesn't like it as much, so we won't go as often as my expanding growling gut would prefer. We then went to Justin & HayLee's, where HayLee celebrated her 22nd birthday. We just gave her a gift card to the mall (cuz we're so creative and organized) visited, ate their cake, and I spent a good chunk of the visit throwing Tyler & Cheryl's boys on the Love Sac (basically a huge and glorified (and expensive) bean bag chair. No one got hurt (except my back the next few days) and Mason threw up a little. But, it's not fun unless someone pukes a little, right? Where have I heard that? I think it's a Roman proverb, or something. "Nottius Funicus Til Someonicus pukesitius alloverium the Vomitorium."

Saturday was busy and good. First I had class, Art History. There was a test on Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. This is my area of expertise, so, if I didn't get 100, that woman could very well have brain damage. Or I could just be too cocky for my own good. Or both. One funny thing about it is that the projection board wasn't working, so we wrote about pictures of the works of art in question shown to us on the teacher's laptop. After I aced the test, Tracie and I headed over to Aaron & Heidi's to help them move. Since a baby is on the way, they need to make some room, so we took some boxes and a weight set (fun) over to Aaron's parents home. It was nice to meet Aaron's parents, I see now why Aaron is such a great guy (AW! how sweet) and also he & I had a great conversation on church history & I learned a lot, I haven't had a good talk just me & Aaron I think in... ever! So that was great. Hope with school getting out we'll hang out more. That took a good chunk out of our day, so Tracie let me go shopping for groceries at Wally World (Why do we call it Wally world, anyway?) She let me go shopping while she stayed home and cleaned. (Awesome for me! I'll do ANYTHING to get out of cleaning.) And while I thought it would go faster if I went to the grocery store alone, it wasn't. I had to go back several times in aisles I had been through because I forgot something or other. Oh well. Then we went to Hollywood (video, not the town, silly!) and rented 2 movies, which we haven't done in FOREVER, thanks to McNeil video, but we wanted something a bit different, and there was nothing in the theaters we particularly were scrambling to see.

Sunday (happy Easter!) we spent in Riverton. My mommy is up here for the week for Nana & Grandpa's Anniversary, so we wanted to see her. She also sang for the Easter program, which was absolutely beautiful. You think having a virtuoso singer for a mother I'd be used to it, but it blew me away how talented she is. After church we went to Nana & Grandpa's, where we engaged in the requisite card game (no visit to my grandparents is complete unless you play cards) we played Michigan Rummy, one of my favorite Rummy games (even though I lost miserably) and Tracie won! I'm sure she was happy about it, as she often complains that I win at EVERYTHING. (which is mostly true) we visited with mom and nana & grandpa for a few hours, then one of mom's friends came by to see her, so they visited while I got to talk with nana mano e nano (man to nan) and we talked about some of the beautiful places she's been. Nana & Grandpa have been to Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Britain, and I'm sure many other places. And nana is the best artist I personally know (besides a teacher of mine, and father of friends, Marcus Vincent), and so I got to hear her talk about what some of her favorite places she's been to, and where she thought was the most beautiful. After that, we went to Tracie's parents, where no one was around so we assumed they went to the park (the same one I proposed to Tracie at!) and we were right. I was in awe how well my Utah nephews can ride their scooters, and that they didn't hate me for repeatedly throwing them against the furniture 2 nights ago. All Tracie's other Utah siblings arrived by the time we got back to her parent's, and we had a fun visit, delicious trifle (trifel?) and cinnamon rolls (synonym roles?) and guessed what Trent & Jessica will be having. (I guessed a baby). After family visiting and eating, we went home, ruminated on our fun busy weekend, and looked forward to the crazy fun hindu week we have in store for us!


lynette said...

I'm always amazed by the amount of things you can do when you don't have kids! Happy Easter!

Heidi Ferguson said...

Thanks again for your help, guys. I am massly relieved at having that stuff outta there. And also thanks for talking to Aaron about that church stuff because he always wants to talk about it but thinks everyone doesn't want to hear.

Austin said...

lynette- thanks, tho we don't do nearly as much as we ever should, but i guess it is good that we do somethings while we still can. ;)

heidi- it was our pleasure. and tell aaron he's silly for thinking i didn't want to hear. if i didn't, i'd have changed the subject or said shut up. ;)

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And like always your description of it is creative to say the least. I always can be sure to get a chuckle or two from your post. Thanks for brightening my days.

Kris said...

Love the pic. Wherever do you find these pics for your blog?
That was sad when little Mason upchucked, scared him too. He thought he was sick again. I guess he didn't like being sick from the way that he reacted.

Austin said...

kris- i go to either or just

the picture for this entry i simply typed "monet giverny" on google and picked one i liked. :)