Mar 26, 2008

Week of Crazy- Not over yet!

This is what stormtroopers do when they go home. Much less degrading than being in one of the new Star Wars movies, in my opinion.

This week has been the week of crazy, and so far I've loved it! In English we've begun persuasive writing, which is good. Persuasive writing is one of my weaknesses, as I don't like persuading people to my point of view. You have yours, I have mine, that's all good with me. So it should be informative and exciting. Monday night we enlisted the help of my mother-in-law Kris to assist/make our scrapbook page for Nana & Grandpa. (It's a secret, but I've heard they don't read my blog very often, so I'm risking it). The page turned out B-E-A-YOUTIFUL! which isn't much of a surprise, as Kris did it (though Tracie did the formatting/how it should be arranged, and I contributed because I'm in all the pictures.)

So that was fun, last night we had my mother over to show her our apartment and to have dinner. Tracie made goulash (I helped!) and I made salad (mom helped!) and it was a lot of fun. I was really stressed with my mom coming over, which is odd, because she's the least judgmental person I know, and very graceful and understanding. But she's my mom, so I wanted the place to be clean and the food to be delicious. Of course they were. Tracie makes better goulash than a hungry Hungarian (Hungary is where goulash comes from) and I make better salad than, um, a French person?

After mom left we went to Tracie's parents again to watch American Idol. It was fun, I was impressed with Michael Johns for FINALLY performing, awed that I actually liked David Cook's performance, even tho I think the judges think he's better than he is. (I loved last week when we was so cocky and Simon said "I think that was as good as you thought it was.") Tracie's guess is Ramiele is leaving, I think it'll be Chikeze. I'd prefer Kristy Lee Cook to get out, but her last performance let her stay at least another week. And David Archuleta did much better than the judges said, and good for him for NOT singing another sappy slow song. And that's my 5 cents on American Idol for this week.

Tonight we're going up to Riverton to visit with my mom again while she's here, tomorrow we're going to Justin's Birthday party, as he's here from Nebraska (it wouldn't be as fun if he was still in Nebraska, though I'd probably still go). I don't know if it's supposed to be a surprise party, but he's the one that invited us, so I'm gonna assume no. Then Friday we'll be hanging out with Justin & Mandi 2 on 2 because Justin's my best friend, and he can't seem to get rid of her. I understand, it's nearly impossible to get rid of Tracie. Thank goodness. I think we're gonna go mini golfing then hang out or something. It should be fun. ... It BETTER be fun. It will be fun. Saturday is the crazy day. I will have class, then we'll go up to Riverton to prepare for Nana & Grandpa's Anniversary Party, then we'll have the party, then we'll have to sneak away for an hour to go see our friend Mike's wedding reception in Eagle Mountain, then we'll sneak back to Nana & Grandpa's. I think we're gonna have to pretend to use the restroom then hightail it for an hour or so.

It feels crazy, I can't remember if/when we had a week where every night was planned. We rented the movie "Across the Universe" and I don't think we'll be able to watch it! It might be crazy, but I love it. And it's not like anything we're doing is work or unwanted. It's visiting with family and friends! Bring it on, I say! Next week we'll go back to our mundane boring evenings, punctuated by American Idol on Tues & Wed. In the meantime, I'm gonna kick back and smile!


lynette said...

Here are my 2 cents on American Idol.

My prediction for the bottom three: Ramiele, Carly, and Chikezie. I agree with Tracie and Ramiele will go tonight.

Blown away by: Michael Johns & David Cook--they were amazing!

David Archuleta: his dad is going to loose this competition for him. Have you heard the rumors about his dad being thrown out of the Star Search competition for being mean to the other contestants and the night the David forgot his lyrics his dad had been yelling and screaming at him all day. I think Simon was jabbing his dad when he said that the song choice was not his and that he could tell that David did not choose it. He better start choosing better songs, or he's gonna loose my vote.

Austin said...

that's sad.

every time they show his dad, i think it's danny bonaduce. maybe that's why people think he's so mean.

Kris said...
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Kris said...

I would hate to see David lose the competition just because of his Dad. Just let him be Dad! He's a charming person and he has a great voice. Go David!!

Jasmine said...

First non-AI comment (because I already put my opinion on another post, so I won't leave it here, too):

Across the Universe is a beautiful film!!! So don't take it back without watching it. :) It gets confusing and incredibly drug-trip-ish in the middle, but it's still a beautiful film. Watch it, watch it now!

That is all.

Austin said...

we watched it last night, and we Love-Love-LOVED it! I agree, once Bono comes on screen, it gets dumb, but once he leaves, the movie's great again.

Heather said...

Try all this stuff you have done with four kids, and I will kiss the ground you walk on if you come out of the crazy weekend still alive.

Heather said...

Oh, and I don't watch American Idol. Season one was enough for me.