Mar 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary Nana & Grandpa!

This Saturday we celebrated Nana & Grandpa's 58th Wedding Anniversary! It was great, we got to see all my Valantine & Stewart cousins, Nana & Grandpa & of course my mom. We gave them a scrapbook of all their posterity, and (even though we didn't write much) ours was the best. (Thanks, Kris!) My uncles wrote very beautiful and long letters, even though I was told we only got 1 page, but ours was prettier, and I'm planning on writing Nana & Grandpa a letter soon. My poor mom felt terrible, because everyone else was so adamant about 1 page each, so she stuck to the rules, feeling a bit lousy since she only had a short page to express her love and gratitude. Fortunately, Nana & Grandpa know we love them, and they know nobody could write anything long enough to say what an influence and blessing they have been to all of us.

I love you, Nana & Grandpa! Happy Anniversary!


JanB said...

They look great! They look the same as when I last saw them.
I remember growing up that your mom was one of my mom's favorite people. And how we loved to hear her sing!!!
Tell them we said "Hello".

Charlo said...

I didn't even know about the one page rule until your mom brought it up, which goes to show that if it is not a graded assignment, I don't really read the instructions