Mar 5, 2008

Look to the Cookie, Elaine!

Not much news this week, I'm afraid. We housesat for the McNeil's, watched Lost Season 2 in about 2 days over the weekend, (therefore dreamt about it both nights-fun) and had a fun visit with the Valantine's (Brett & Charlotte). Whenever we hang out with them, I always feel like we don't see them often enough, or that we hang out long enough. But, I guess that's better than the opposite: seeing them too often and for too long. I was sick Sunday and Monday and getting better Tuesday though my voice is really scratchy and I sound like a voice-cracking teenager going through puberty. School is still going really well, I've received a 100% on everything I've handed in in English, and gotten an A on everything so far in Art History. Work is still work, and sometimes barely that. Yesterday Tracie threw a baby shower for Heidi and (among other things) made cookies, hence this post's pic. I'm sure she'll post more about it, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions or want me to post about anything in particular, let me know. The only thing stopping me from posting more is not knowing what to post about. Same with why I haven't posted a new poll yet. I have blogger's block.


Heather said...

post about your most embarassing teenage incident

Austin said...

lol. ok. you asked for it!

lynette said...

I'm not sure what I want more... to hear the story behind the cookie, or to just EAT that cookie!

P.S. Do the LOST dvds have extras, deleted scenes, etc.?

Austin said...

yes they do! and the guy who plays Michael is hilarious in the outtakes. So's sawyer. we haven't watched the commentaries, but we have watched quite a few documentaries/features. very cool stuff.

tracie watched the deleted scenes, i just didn't want to, which is weird, cuz i always watch deleted scenes.