Mar 28, 2008

Books Quiz

I love books, everything about them.
Today I've decided to make a quiz on books. So, here it goes!
20 Questions: Books

Book that changed my life (not religious): "The Alchemist", by Paolo Coelho.

Book that changed my life (religious, non-scripture): "Faith of a Scientist," by Henry Eyring.

Book that I can read over and over: "The Plays of Oscar Wilde", by Oscar Wilde

The funniest book I've ever read: "The Scorecard" by Greg Gutfeld

The saddest book I've ever read: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by J.K. Rowling

The scariest book: "The da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. Yeah, haven't read many scary books.

Best Textbook I've read: "Flash Fiction" a collection of very short short stories. Multiple authors.

Best Biography read: "The Autobiography of Malcolm X."

Worst book I've read: "Playwrighting." I don't know who it's by, I bought it at a bargain used book store (Katy Budget Books) and I think it's one of those books like "Mein Kampf" or "Barney Goes to the Zoo" that make you dumber for reading it. I'm only now beginning to catch up to the mental state I had before I read it.

A book I'm embarrassed to love: Pretty much any of the Star Wars novels I used to read. "I, Jedi", by Matthew Stackpole, "Heir to the Empire", by Timothy Zahn. I must have read about 20 of them.

My favorite book (besides ones already listed): That's a toughy. I'm gonna say "Princess Bride", by S. Morgenstern (but the good parts version, by William Goldman). As it says in the movie, it's got it all. Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles. Not only that, but comedy, drama, romance, terror, and adventure.

My favorite children's book: "Horton Hears a Who," by Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

My favorite short story: "To Build A Fire" by Jack London.

My favorite author: Oscar Wilde

My favorite poet: E.E. Cummings

My favorite poem: "Morituri Salutamus," by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

My favorite genre: Fantasy

What writers would I like to read that I never have: Ovid, Alexander Pope, Umberto Eco, Honore Balzac

Book I'd love to see made into a movie: "The Lost World" by Michael Crichton. If you've read the book, you know that it has not yet been made into a movie.

Book I'd recommend to you (besides everything else listed): "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. Amazing urban fantasy with such good writing I actually stopped several times just to reread the passages.

Ok. Now, what are some of your favorites?
I challenge all you bibliophiles -wherever you are- to post your faves.


Amanda said...

I think The Alchemist changed my life too... read By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo... I loved that one too! And Princess Bride is/has been my favorite movie of all time but I have never seen the book... now I have to find one. :-)

HailerStar said...

Tell me you've seen the Neverwhere mini series!

Austin said...

I own the Neverwhere miniseries!

Mark Beckstrom said...

I can list my favorite authors - Tony Hillerman, Lee Child (Grandma B likes him, too), Robert Crais. I am not a fantasy guy, but I'm like my Grandma Randels - I like mysteries.
That being said, I absolutely loved the "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites" series and just about everything from Chris Heimerdinger, and, of course, the Harry Potter series. I have listened to the last three chapters of book 7 so much that it shows up as a favorite on my iPod.
My best biography, however, is the History of Joseph Smith by his mother, Luck Mack Smith. Amazing insights into the prophet. Everyone should read.
Books that changed my life - Spiritual Roots and Seven Habits by Steven Covey, In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters, and Corporate Culture by Deale and Kennedy.
Dad B.

Kris said...

It's funny how we change what we like to read. Growing up I loved autobiographies, and also sci-fi books. And one that I hate to admit to, but loved, is the Edgar Allen books of "Tarzan". Then I went through a of phase of reading romance novels, my favorite being Barbara Cartland. I would search till I had read all of her novels. She is an English writer who wrote "clean" romance novels. Now I love to read books by LDS authors. My favorite have been, Gerald Lund, Chris Heimerdinger, David G. Woolley, Dean Huges, Anita Stansfield, and recently the "Twilight" series. So there is have it, of course I also have to mention that I love reading books about history now. Especially anything to do with wars, i.e. The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and World War II. I hated history when I was in school, now I love it. A little weird I know, but oh well.

Kris said...

Okay, I just realized that I wrote a wrong name for an author, It's not Edgar Allen that wrote the "Tarzan" books, it was Edgar Rice Burroughs. There that feels right!

JanB said...

The most hilarious book I've ever read is "Pitates in an Adventure with Scientists" by Gideon DeFoe. It's one of those laugh-out-loud books that you want to read parts of out loud to anyone within the sound of your voice.

Heather said...

Trixie Belden series during Jr High. Kind of like your Hardy Boys female version during the 80"s. Read ALL of them 1-30.

Little House on the Prarie.

Most of the Dr. Suess books. (but the Green Eggs and Ham drove me nuts as a child. Ryan loves it, go figure)

Some Nora Roberts Triologies: The Garden, The Circle, The Keys, among a few others.

Gerald Lund series: Work and Glory.

Harry Potter 1-7.

Helen Keller biography.

Historical Romance Books from the England Regency,Irish, Scottish, and Old American West. All romance aside, the many books I have read over the years were true to the historical themes, so I learned a LOT of history through these kind of books.

The Relic.(made into a movie, but so disappointingly nothing like the book!)And the other book by the same author with similar themes, but I forget the title.

The Twilight Series.

I can read books by Michael Crichton, but the Jack Ryan books by Tom Clancy don't sit well with me.

Read some Stephen King, but stopped because they gave me nightmares! Cujo-shudder!!!

Heather said...

I forgot to mention:

Anita Stansfield novels. She used to be my YW laurel advisor!

Tarzan books by the original author.

Some Steven Covey books, but gave up and decided that I can decide how I want to live my life with my own changes with good habits and ideas. No one can be that perfect! It was way too analytical and scientifically written. I respond to emotion than logic better.

Love the children's book author Jez Alborough. And Don/Aubrey Wood. Check it out!